Lauren was born and raised in Austin Texas. Her first experience with the arts was at a young age through music. She grew up tagging along with her parents to live music shows throughout Texas, listening to some of the greatest names in music. She was instantly drawn to the "looks" her favorite musicians would showcase at each show. In her teen years, her love for details of Makeup, Hair and Wardrobe grew. Her older sister was an inspiration to her passion. She would watch her get ready for dancing competitions, and was instantly hooked to the glam. Music Videos gave her the inspiration to become apart of the beauty industry. She could spend hours watching pop up video for "behind the scenes" facts. Through her journey, she attended beauty school in Austin, and dove into the industry. Her love and passion for the beauty industry continues to grow.  Lauren looks for beauty in all things. She is known for her calm laid back personality, and the tranquility she brings to set. Able to work in a fast paced environment, Lauren keeps her cool in any situation. She continues to keep herself educated on the latest in the beauty industry.

"The hardest challenge in life, is to be yourself in a world where everyone is trying to make you somebody else" -E.E. Cummings